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Floor Products and Application

Slip Guard™ anti-slip applications come in three different formulas and four sizes.  The three formulas are:
Ceramic tile, Porcelain tile and Quarry tile

Kit Sizes:
Large Kit Treats 1000 sq.ft. Comes complete and is ready to use.
Small Kit Treats 300 sq.ft. Comes complete and is ready to use.
Mini Kit Treats 50-70 sq.ft. These bottles have flip top caps.
Sample Kit Treats 4 sq.ft. Ideal for test areas and bath tubs.
Use our professional application
services for large areas.  The cost includes labor and materials
$1.00-1.25 sq.ft.

Mighty Guard Quarry Tile Cleaner
This heavy duty cleaner removes slippery grease and soapy build up from quarry tile and concrete.  It deep cleans by penetrating and reopening the floor pores.  Ideal for restaurants and food service kitchens.  Concentrated, USDA 4/1gal
Shower Guard
This concentrated cleaner is designed especially to safely and effectively dissolve and remove lime and scale buildup.  Ideal for Showers, Rest rooms and Pool decks.  USDA   4/1gal


1.   Clean the floor with Slip Guard™ HD cleaner.

2.   Mop and rinse the floor thoroughly.  Squeegee excess off to drain or use wet vac.

3.   While the tile is still damp, evenly spray on Slip Guard™ Application #1.
      (Wait 15 minutes and rinse)

4.   While the tile is still damp, evenly spray on Slip Guard™ Application #2.
      (Wait 15 minutes and rinse)

The Floor is now ready for use.

Quick Tips

Slip Guard's anti-slip application will go further if the floor is a little damp when it is applied.

Exterior Applications.....Always apply Slip Guard's anti-slip application in the very early morning or after dark.  Sun, Heat and Wind may cause premature drying of the product before the prescribed time needed to treat your floor.

Slip Guard™ anti-slip applications
are ideal for

Pool Decks
Kitchen Floors
Rest rooms

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